Partitions made from aluminium profiles

A partition system is a suitable solution for creating rooms, dividing retail spaces and separating work stations to meet the requirements of various offices. The system consists of modules, which are easy to install, transport and rearrange when they are already in use. The design of the partition along with the widths, heights and divisions of the modules are developed to meet the wishes of the designer or the customer. The maximum dimension of the module is 2,000 × 3,500 mm. The maximum surface area of the module is 4.5 m2


The system consists of aluminium profiles and filler materials. The modules are made from profiles, which have already been constructed at the factory and delivered to the installation site in their finished state. In order to assemble a partition on site, aluminium upper sliding rails and floor profiles are installed onto the bearing constructions and the modules are easily lifted into place.
The profiles are made from aluminium, which ensures that the walls are of sufficient stiffness and corrosion resistance. Due to the stiffness of the aluminium, the profiles are also slim. The cross-sectional dimension of the vertical profile of the module is 32 × 40 mm. That is the reason why the serial number for modular partitions made from aluminium is S-32.


Various materials can be used: glass (4 to 8 mm thick) and board materials (4 to 10 mm thick). The glass is fitted onto the modules using a specialised transparent silicone seal, which creates a seamless transition from aluminium to glass. Another seal is located under the edge of the glass, separating glass from aluminium and preventing the extraction of the seal.

Filler materials in the modules:

  • Glass (clear, coloured, delustered, tempered, laminated, etc.)
  • PVC and acrylic boards
  • Melamine, MDF and veneer boards
  • Fabric panels
  • Special solutions (perforated boards, etc.)


Aluminium partition systems include hinged doors with an aluminium framework, sliding doors with bottom sliding tracks or with top sliding tracks. Hinged doors and sliding doors are custom designed for the specific system. The perfect fit enables to find solutions to various space and usage specific needs.


We offer a selection of flush handles, reeling handles and pull handles. The most suitable locks for aluminium doors are narrow profile locks.
The slide system consists of aluminium profiles with a specialised narrow 25 mm frame profile. Unmovable modules made with this profile are perfect for interior windows. When installing the modules in series, the connection of the modules is 50 mm wide.

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